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L.A.M.F. by Off the Record eLiquids


Product Description

L.A.M.F. is a straight up New York style cheesecake with a delicious blend of strawberries and graham cracker pie crust and a mild vanilla swirl on the exhale. Guarantee to be one of the best strawberry cheesecake that you'll ever vape. "ALL DAY VAPE? Like a MOTHER FUCKER!" This vape will grab you and hold on to you all day long. Flavor and name inspiration came from the album L.A.M.F. by Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers.


Viscosity: 30pg/70vg

Packaging: 30ml glass with dropper / 60ml chubby unicorn / 120ml glass with dropper


Off the Record Liquids is manufactured by: Street Life Vapor Lab, LLC an ISO 7/8 certified laboratory in Los Angeles, CA


Product Videos

Visit www.blecr.com for "CREW JUICE" http://www.offtherecordliquids.com/sample-pack-3-15ml-bottles/ IF YOU ARE NEW TO SUB OHM & VAPING PLEASE READ: Anyone attempting to re-create or replicate any of the coil builds in any of my videos please take the necessary steps for your safety before replicating any of these builds. (1) Purchase an Ohm Reader Here is a link for an Online Purchase http://www.madvapes.com/mods/ohm-meters-voltage-indicators.html (2) Understand Ohms Law and Closed Circuitry http://youtu.be/zYS9kdS56l8?list=UU_WCJS2QvK0TKs3xPjLgUzA http://youtu.be/FIB_f5hhxLI (3) Battery Safety and High Drain Batteries http://youtu.be/CDsHfZm6dfQ http://youtu.be/2--worq4ekE http://youtu.be/7KndKJ-COBw http://youtu.be/Bb4nj91as9k http://youtu.be/ZTzEHsJVZhA (4) High Drain Batteries 18650 only http://www.illumn.com/18650-samsung-inr18650-25r-2500mah-high-discharge-flat-top.html http://www.kidneypuncher.com/sony-us18650vtc5-2600-mah/ http://www.kidneypuncher.com/subohmcell-18650-35amp-2800-mah-battery/ FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHT TO VAPE JOIN CASAA AND TAKE ACTION Once again, don't forget to join http://casaa.org
    Visit www.blecr.com for "CREW JUICE" http://www.offtherecordl...
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  1. Best ADV!

    Posted by Erin on Aug 27th 2017

    This is about the 10th bottle I've ordered & just got the 120 ml new bottle. The new packaging is nice. I did like the old glass bottle/dropper, but the plastic is more sturdy. I've been vaping for years and this makes my top 5 list for sure. Don't get worried that's it's too much cheesecake. I only taste great strawberry and Graham crust. It's in a class all its own and sublime. Keep up the great work Mr. Alva!! Looking forward to new additions to the off the record line!! Great job!!!

  2. I slice of heaven

    Posted by Carlos on Apr 21st 2017

    This juice here is worth the money.I bought the 30 ml bottle to test it out and it passed the test.I will be buying the 60 ml for shour , also it has made it to my adv list.I recommend everybody to give this juice a try you won't be disappointed. One of the best New York cheesecake out there, I am very pleased with my decision to pick this juice.Thank you George Alva for this great juice and juice line keep doing your thing.

  3. Best flavor ever

    Posted by John Luke on Mar 9th 2017

    This stuff is smooth and not too fruity. Used to vape exclusively Beard No. 5, now I'm it's all about LAMF. Keep up the good work.

  4. ADV...u bet!!

    Posted by Erin on Oct 13th 2016

    I'm on my about 10th bottle. I order the biggest bottle. All these flavors are stellar..but this is my all time favorite. Keep making new juices!!! Love u guys!! Best juices on the market. I even brought samples to my vape shop. The one guy cldnt believe how amazing and now he's ordering!

  5. The bomb!!

    Posted by Dawn on Sep 10th 2016

    Can't even put into words how great this is. It's sooo good, it's soo good I gave a sample to my friend who works at my vape shop bc he LOVES it!! I'm trying to get them to sell it. This is a game changer for sure!!! If ur even thinking, ORDER it!! This and liquid swords are my ADV. can't be without either. Ziggy is great too!! Once again, thanks George!!! Keep some new OTR lines coming out!! The only ones I didn't fall in love with was the Cronuts. But still good!! Thanks George!!!

  6. Very good juice. Thumbs up!!

    Posted by Mike on Aug 18th 2016

    This juice is well worth the money. It actually tastes like what it says it does. Ordered a 120 ml bottle and love it.

  7. The very best

    Posted by Adam on Jun 1st 2016

    The best cheesecake out today vaped a lot of bad stuff but this is for sure a all day vape it never get old always full of flavor

  8. A-MAZ-ING!!!

    Posted by Erin on May 8th 2016

    This is probably my tenth bottle. This time I ordered the biggest bottle.. Pure bliss. THE best strawberry on the market. No doubt!! I feel like I hit the lotto with this company. This isn't a cheesy vape by any means. I taste great strawberry, mixed with graham cracker crust...with just a hint of cream tucked in the middle. If your even thinking about it, order it. The 120 ml. You'll kick yourself if u only buy the 30 ml. This is a juice worthy of the heavens. Well, and mr Alva of course!! Thanks George...keep new ones coming!!!

  9. Best juice ever compared to all top juice company's

    Posted by Steven g. Pensacola,Fl on Apr 11th 2016

    Delicious, take my word for it, you will love this....! Even if ur not a strawberry cheesecake person(as I was not either) this will become your all day vape, and get it in the 120ml I promise you will be disappointed that you didn't...!

  10. VLAMF!!!!!

    Posted by Erinna on Mar 13th 2016

    Just got like my 6th bottle of this. It's time to. Order the biggest size for me.its on a those juices I just keep coming back to. This has such a perfect complex flavor profile. I taste the strawberry right away followed with a graham cracker crust. The cheesecake just tucked in the middle. I've had strawberry cheesecakes that were unvapeable. Taste and smelled like nasty provalone cheese. This is liquid gold imo. U wont be disappointed. I've literally tried every flavor on this line except Raw Power. Which I'm ordering now. Have the hankering for a tobacco hint vape. Been off cigs 10 months now and I was a 2 pack a day smoker!! Thanks to your outstanding juices I have zero cravings to ever turn back!! Thank you George!!!you have a committed customer!!!

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